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Brian Curtis

Brian Curtis is in his late 30s and lives in Davenport, Iowa.

Brian had roughly $5,000 in payday loan debt after taking out loans for a $1,500 car repair when he was 19. He spent more than 10 years paying down the $22,000 interest payments that followed.

At first, Brian was only able to pay only the interest, $25 each time. But soon he needed to come up with the full payment.

Brian’s wages from his full time job only covered his living expenses and couldn’t make the payment.

"Then you just go ahead and reborrow it because you didn't have the $445 to start with. So you're just stuck," he said.

"It's a trap," he told the Des Moines Register.

"Who has $27,250 just laying around? Because if you had it just laying around you would never have been in the payday loan store in the first place," Curtis said.